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Top 10 Venues in our Area

With so many wedding venues in Green Bay and Fox Valley it can be really difficult to narrow down where to hold your wedding reception. Although there are many more beautiful venues that i've worked with, here are my top 10 and the reasons why they make the list.

#10) Heritage Hill - Summer weddings under a tent out on the hill are gorgeous. Indoor weddings have an antique charm, however for most weddings you have to split the hall into 2 levels. This usually means having dinner and dancing on different floors, which can be appealing to some couples.

#9) Pamperin Park - I love that this venue is very budget friendly and is a blank slate. Outside has many beautiful opportunities for ceremonies and pictures, and inside you'll find lots of exposed brick and wood beams. With the hall being a blank canvas, a lot of set up is involved to transform the space into your dream venue, but it's worth it for the cost!

#8) Brighton Acres in Oshkosh - A ceremony in the rustic bar and reception across the garden in their modern hall? YES PLEASE! This venue has a fun room for the bridal party to hang out, the bar in a separate room to keep noise controlled, and farm tables for guests to enjoy their meal.

#7) Homestead Meadows - Hayrides, campfires and access to the farm for the day? Those are unique reasons why this is on my list. Dinner is served in the lower level and then guests head upstairs to dance the night away!

#6) Mulberry Farms - Another rustic barn and fun day at the farm. This venue has a beautiful chandelier in the center of the room which is perfect to have your first dance under. Guests take a hay ride to the ceremony site and there is a backup site for rain under the barn.

#5) Whistlers Knoll - A ceremony in a wine vineyard? I think that's enough said as to why this is on my list. In all seriousness, I've only been to Christmas parties in their smaller but the amount of warmth and love that party made me feel, it made me want to go back for more.

#4) Green Bay Botanical Gardens - When you think of the Botanical Gardens you think flowers and lots of outdoor photo opportunities right? Well there is that. But when I think of the Botanical Gardens I think of the wedding hall. I spent so much time there with my years in catering that I fell in love with the space. It's got plenty of room for dinner, a dance floor, a lobby for the bar and your extra tables. And the head table backdrop is a wall of windows overlooking the beautiful gardens.

#3) Bubolz Nature Preserve - This venue is close to my heart, as I was able to see it when still in the design process. Bubolz has a wall of windows with gorgeous views, which means a little decor goes a long way. A separate lobby with a fireplace means this venue is great any time of year. It leaves room for guests to relax and chat when they aren't tearing up the dance floor!

#2) Vandervest Olde 41 AND Duck Blind - It's a tie for me on which venue to pick at Vandervest Olde 41. Duck Blind is perfect for smaller weddings or if you want more of the biker feel. Olde 41 is more rustic with lots of exposed wood beams and romantic lighting. The event coordinator Marnie has so much experience that planning your wedding here is a breeze. Again, this venue has a spot in my heart. When I worked in catering this was my main venue. Spending many of my weekends here for 2 years made it feel like home.

#1) Black Sheep Wedding and Events - I may be bias since 90% of my weddings are at this venue, but I can tell you it's for a reason! Black Sheep blew me away from the start of construction. This venue can be rustic, it can be modern, it can be country, it transforms into whatever you want it to be. You want the fireplace to be the backdrop of your head table? It can be. Would you rather have a sheer white backdrop? They have that too! Farm tables are used for head table and accent tables, while banquets or rounds are used for guest seating. The venue has 2 bars which means less congestion throughout the night. Honestly the reason I tell my couples to book here? There is so much included in their price. There is no hidden pricing or agenda. It's a flat fee and you get so many things included. You have a bridal room, a grooms room, late night pizzas, soda and coffee. This is a no brainer. Ceremonies can be held outside or inside in front of the fire place. This is my #1 for many reasons, but you just have to see it for yourself.

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