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Boston Galik

Her passion and attention to detail is what really drew me in as a client. I knew from speaking with her, that I would be in good hands. Corissa treated me with respect, valued my opinions, and worked with me to make sure every detail was just the way I wanted it.

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Corissa is a bride’s dream! We used her services for day-of coordination, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. She (and her lovely aunts who joined to help) already had the table linens prepped before we even showed up with decorations the morning of the wedding. Upon arrival, she told my mom and I to just relax and have fun while she did the work – it felt so great to just release all of my plans (and very busy brain) and trust her with the execution. She nailed it all and was the kindest human to work with. Everyone in my wedding party also loved working with her. We cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend for any future bride on the fence of hiring a day-of coordinator -do yourself a favor and hire Corissa!

- Kate Farrell - 

Kelly Buchanan

"Corissa is patient and adjustable to change. She helped put together my wedding, plan the showers and rehearsal dinner, and of course the main event. She made everything run smoothly and ensured that others had their jobs complete. Best of all she kept all drama away from me. She had a very wide range of connections and was on call whenever I needed her."

Every last minute request was met with a positive, can do attitude..Corissa was a life saver...Always one step ahead. I could not imagine doing this event without her and know that she had a majority of the reason the event went perfectly to plan.

Alyssa and Adam

Very impressed with Corissa's organizational skills...impressed with ability to see what decorations go well together and which ones don't. Clear view of the requested theme and has the know-how to stay consistent to that theme. Corissa is a very efficient planner and isn't afraid to suggest, plan, and make ideas come to life.

Lori Fameree
Owner of Clare's Corner Floral
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