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Designer vs. Planner

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

It was recently brought to my attention by a bride that another company she looked into cost almost $7000 for their basic wedding planning package. She was shocked when my prices were so much lower, and wanted to know if my quality could match that of the other company. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for wedding planners. Are you looking for a designer or a coordinator? Wedding designers usually offer a day of coordinating service, but because they are providing you with all the decor and doing all the setup work, their prices are usually higher. Wedding planners on the other hand, they coordinate the logistics of your wedding from start to finish. They are there to make sure your wedding goes smoothly and all your vendors work together to make your dreams come true.

I am a wedding planner. I do not specialize in design. I have a knack for being able to take decorations and make them look good. I know what does and does not work with a wedding theme, but I am not a designer. I work with designers to make sure you have everything you want on your wedding day. That is why my pricing is lower. I understand that you are paying another company to rent your decor, and that for some bigger items like ceiling draping you may need to hire an outside decorator. I keep my prices low so that all couples can afford a wedding planner, because I believe they are essential. I assist in set up and clean up on wedding day to save you and your family the time of doing it yourself. For many couples, I also save on labor hours from their design companies, because I am able to do much of the decor and take down myself.

My job as a wedding planner is to make sure all the important details of your day go as smoothly as possible. I reduce stress from the bride and groom and their families. I am there for support. I make sure all the vendors arrive and set up on time. I make sure your ceremony and reception areas are just as you envisioned. I guide the wedding party throughout the ceremony and all their reception duties, and make sure everything runs according to schedule. I wear many hats on a wedding day. I can be a coffee runner, a chauffeur, a calm voice and your biggest supporter, I step in as a florist or an MC, I bustle dresses and run drinks. As a wedding planner I am what you need me to be. I am there solely for you and your family. I stand on the sidelines and hide in the shadows, there for whenever you need me.

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